On February 15, 1921, Dr. Evan O’Neill Kane demonstrated the effectiveness of local anesthesia, which was an innovative technique for surgical procedures at the time. Only he demonstrated it in an unusual way; he removed his own appendix. In my opinion, good writing should be like Kane’s appendix—what comes out of you when you truly believe in what you do.

With Kane’s bold experiment in mind, I’m building out the writing you find here as a library of what I’m learning about leadership, leadership coaching, executive coaching, team dynamics, reading, writing, and editing. The posts here are a type of self-surgery. I believe that what I’m learning needs to be shared.

Most of what I write about in this newsletter are the lessons I’m learning from spending time with some of the world’s most gifted leaders. You’ll likely never hear their names, but they’re the leaders that build organizations, serve their clients, develop their employees, encourage their colleagues, and take bold stands for what they know is right. I’m privileged to know them, privileged to spend time with them.

My Work

For most of the week, I serve Grimké Seminary and College as their managing editor, a professor, and an academic dean. Let me know if you’re interested in attending seminary or an on-demand online Bible college. I also started an executive coaching business—Black Hawk Coaching. If you’re curious about what it might look like for us to work together in a coaching relationship, don’t hesitate to contact me, and we can schedule a phone call.

Ignoring, Reading, Unsubscribing, and Sharing

I expect you to do one of four things with the emails you receive from this subscription: ignore them, read them, unsubscribe from them, or share them. If you do the first, I encourage you to do the third. Honestly, my feelings won’t be hurt. If you do the second, I encourage you to do the fourth. The greatest compliment I could receive is if a reader appreciates my work enough to share it with someone else.

Let another praise you, and not your own mouth;
a stranger, and not your own lips. —Proverbs 27:2

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Thanks for subscribing, and I’m also up for hearing from my readers. Drop me a message if you’re curious about something I’ve written or if you want to suggest a topic I write on in the future.

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Joe Holland

Joe Holland is managing editor of Grimké Seminary, editor for Sola Ecclesia, professor and academic dean for Grimké College, and an executive coach with Black Hawk Coaching.